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Playtime - Group

Group playtimes are 30 minutes of pure fun! Dogs romp and play together while being carefully monitored by kennel attendants. Dogs love it. Note that all dogs must pass our temperment testing to participate.

Playtime - Individual

Playtime sessions are 15 minute sessions one-on-one with a kennel attendant outside in our fenced play yard area. Whether your dog loves to play fetch or just relax and be petted, playtime sessions are a great way for your dog to enjoy the outdoors. Our facility also has an indoor exercise area to be used during inclement weather. Customers may purchase as many playtimes as needed for their pets.

Day Care

Who wants to sit around your house while you are at work? Enhance your pets quality of life with dog care at very affordable prices. Drop your pet off in the morning and pick up in the evening. Your pet will stay in one of our spacious runs and participate in two playtime sessions. Feeding is an additional charge.

The Pet Lounge

A unique feature of Dulles Executive Pet Center is our Pet Lounge. It has cozy sofas and cat hide-and-play areas where a pet can hang out and be the humans he or she thinks they are.

Recommended for your cat's playtimes and for older pets, the Pet Lounge is a good place for your pet to get some extra cuddling and atention.

Note: In the event of inclement weather, playtimes are held in our large indoor playroom for cleanliness, safety, and comfort.